Her words weren’t her own though. Khristi had two wireless headphones in her ears. Anything dictated into right ear was the action she was to perform; and anything in her left ear was what she was to say. She had been trained in the use of them over the last few days and she even enjoyed being used as a puppet.

Khristi had worked with me before this, well we had worked together. She was often a fluffer and/or 3rd or 4th girls in some movies I assisted on. She was overlooked for starring parts but I thought she had a really good look. She looked clean; tattoo-less, with only her belly button and ears pierced and she had a glint in her eye that screamed sex. She didn’t have big boobs a B cup at the most and with that she didn’t look young enough to pass for the ‘barely legal’ stuff.
So she’d be stuck in the 3rd girl part, stripping to make ends meet till she quit the business.

I asked her out to dinner at my place. I’m not internationally known or anything like that but I’m around in the background of a lot of projects and respected. It certainly seemed to her that it’s good for her career to make me happy.

I made a decent dinner, not fancy:shrimp and rice with a salad. We made out on the couch afterwards and went to bed together. In this industry that’s an audition, but she wasn’t acting. She fucked me like a girlfriend fucks a boyfriend, it fit her vibe. She definitely did her own thing, which sad to say, is probably another reason why she wasn’t getting better parts, but I also didn’t need to fuck her to know she could fuck on film I had seen her do it enough already.
Sex with her was good though. It made her endearing. I lay with her afterward and told her “I want to make a movie with you.”

She laughed “Aren’t you supposed to make empty promises before we go to bed together?”

“Yeah, I suppose I am.” I enjoyed her company, she’s smart. I told her she was smart and wanted to work that in thinking there was a niche audience there.

“I don’t fit into the naughty bookworm type.” She told me, which I already knew.

“I meant smart. It had nothing to do with your ‘look.’ Now let me think on it. It’s not a ready project yet.”


Khristi’s face had a sheen to it as he put his cock back into his jeans. He saw two other men walking up and he walked away leaving Khristi to them. One was in jeans and a t-shirt the other in khakis and a button down shirt. She leaned forward and grabbed their cocks literally sizing them up.She smiled up again at the new men and pulled them by their crotches toward her.

“I bet you wanna put these things down my throat.” She unzipped the nearest one to her and extracted his manhood. She stroked it while still stroking the other man through his pants she turned toward the unclothed cock and pulled it to her mouth.

She sucked the head and lashed her tongue at the piss-slit at the tip. His hips moved forward and backward and she allowed him to mouth-fuck her while she played with his balls. The other guy got his pants unzipped and pulled out his big dick which Khristi stroked as the other penetrated her mouth.

The entrance to Khristi’s throat soon got hit by the invading cock and she was ready for it. She slid forward impaling herself on him. Her throat was filled by his prick. She held him there tonguing at him before letting him out to catch her breath. She still stroked him and licked him more before she began stroking his cock and turned her oral attention to the other big dick.

She licked him from base to tip her tongue pressing hard into his erect member. She stopped and looked up smiling into his eyes teasing him, taunting him to fuck her face. He took her up on the implied challenge. He positioned his cock’s tip up against Khristi’s smiling lips and held the back of her head. Then he quickly pushed fully till her chin came to rest against his nut sack. He groaned and she hummed an appreciative ‘mmm’ back to him.

He fucked her mouth for a minute relentlessly then pulled out. So she could switch back to the first cock. She kept stroking one while swallowing the other. When the first guy came he pulled out of her throat and came huge gushing spurts that hit her forehead and hair. She sat back and let him milk the last drops from his cock onto her.

She pushed the cum up into her hair making the strands shine as well as stick together.

She turned to the other prick and engulfed him into her warm mouth again. The one who came wandered off and another guy took his place taking his cock from his pants and stroking it while she blew the other guy.


I had come up with the idea not long after my night with Khristi; her intelligence had stuck with me. So many porn-stars just appear to be complete dumb twats on film.

I had gotten the earpieces which were essentially bleeding edge Bluetooths from a cousin who works for a telecommunication corporation. I knew if I went over lines with Khristi she could deliver them without sounding like an idiot. Considering that most of the ones I knew could only say “Yes! Yes!” or “you like that pussy” or “fuck me fuck me” etc. I had pretty high hopes for Khristi.

The production team decided to get a meeting ahead of time to go over cues, blocking and lines. Since Khristi would be kneeling the whole time, with only a limited leaning over range, blocking didn’t take too long. She learned the lines she had to say and went over them until they didn’t sound ‘porny.’ Her natural way of speaking was actually the way we wanted it to sound. We discussed the order of the action Khristi was open to everything and made helpful suggestions. We didn’t have a plot to deal with it was purely a scene.


The scene was accelerating.Khristi had finished off two men and taken their loads on her face and hair. The third guy had his big cock deep in her throat and nearing the precipice of his own orgasm. The fourth had just arrived and was jerking his prick next to him.

Khristi’s hands grabbed the man’s ass and pulled him forward. There was no chance of her getting any further onto his cock, she had taken it all. It was just enthusiasm. Her throat muscles worked him and her tongue slithered over his shaft.Moments later his balls tightened and he started cumming. Khristi pulled off of him and kept her mouth open letting the cum spurt in her mouth. Like any porno queen she let it flow in and then right out of her mouth. It ran down her chin and into her cupped upturned hands.He finished his orgasm and backed up a few paces.
Khristi had a good puddle in her hands. She brought her hands back to her mouth and dipped her tongue in swirling it. She moaned at the flavor then ran her hand upward to coat her hair turning the rest from light brown and natural to dark brown, slicked back, and gleaming from the cum.

After the third guy left, and was replaced by two more men already jerking their cocks. Khristi sat back letting her butt rest on her feet as she knelt looking up at the three men stroking above her. She brought her still slimy hands down to her smallish breasts and pulled on her nipples. Teasing them as well as coating them with man goo. “Will you guys cum on my tits for me? I really want to be coated in it.” She massaged her breasts for a moment longer then reached for two of the three cocks before her. She put the middle one in her mouth and with that hand free again took the last cock.


The camera flitted in and out from between the men showing Khristi satisfying each man. I had given her the last cue she would need the rest was her trying to get them to cum at the same time or close as possible. She only had to thank them when they came and smile for the camera. I grabbed another camera and staked out a good shooting spot, out of the DOP’s way. It’d be good to have another angle for the final scene.

She switched from one cock to another and gave a small smile at my camera or maybe it was to me. She looked back from my direction to the new man and gave the tip a teasing swipe of the tongue before taking it fully in her mouth.

She hummed and her cheeks indented as she sucked him. She kept that smile on her face though and her eyes flicked back to my camera again. I knew that now that she wasn’t a puppet any longer she was giving me a show. The camera took advantage of it.

Khristi pulled him back till she kept just the tip in her mouth and sucked him hard; she licked him and released him. She kissed and sucked at his balls then grabbed him and started and stroking his cock as her mouth switched once again.

All the guys were getting close, even the two getting handjobs had their knees buckle once or twice. One reached down to slow her strokes and knowing that one was on the brink she worked harder on the other two.
The one in her mouth was fucking her throat in more erratic strokes and she knew it was time. She sucked at him letting her cheeks collapse deeply for the camera and then sat back as the cum spurt into her mouth. The guy from her mouth stroked his cock letting two more ropes of cum hit her nose and cheek before aiming at her tits, spilling five more gushes. The other two men started feverishly stroking their pricks and aiming them at Khristi.

Cum rivulets were flowing down her chest now. She pinched her nipples and smiled up at the men her eyes burning. The second man the one that slowed her previously came next. He came thick batter on her cheek before aiming down at her chest. The cum hit her audibly and splattered more than dribbled. Khristi ooh’ed at him and licked her lips as she smiled up at him (it really didn’t mean anything to him he came with his eyes closed but the DOP’s camera got a great shot of it).

The last cock stroked twice more before unloading onto her. He gets full marks for his aim, his first shot hit her fingers which her still pulling and pinching her nipples, he covered one entire breast with milky cum then worked at coating the other with the rest of his load. Khristi moaned “Oh!” in surprise and delight, then rubbed the cum over her boobs swirling it and making her skin shiny. She looked up at the three spent cocks smiling as she had been the entire time she licked each gooey finger clean then sucked the not yet deflated pricks in front of her getting the last dregs of each man’s cum from them.

After that she quickly sucked two and then all three cocks into her mouth at once. Then released them and gave them a solemn and sincere ‘thank you’ once again rubbing her hands over her sticky chest. The DOP moved in and filmed her enjoying the cum on her body as it ran down her chest.

The action was done and the ‘cut and wrap’ was yelled. I had seen girls instantly lose their smile and facade of happy post-sex afterglow as soon as the cameras switched off. Khristi kept her satisfied smile she just dropped her head to her chest and reached up to massage her neck which considering her day must be very sore inside and out.
I stood by the camera looking at her. I wanted her to maybe turn her eyes on me again. For a moment, I felt like an awkward fourteen year old lusting after a hot cheerleader. I just didn’t know how to walk up to her. I stood there feeling out of place. Then she did turn her eyes to me then. She smiled wider and her eyes sparkled.

“Help me up?” she said holding out her arms toward me.

I went to her and did pull her up. “You’re a mess, Khristi. You look beautiful but you’re a mess.”

We spoke at the same time:

“Want me to help you get…”
“You wanna help me get…”

We burst out laughing.“Cleaned up?” I said “Yeah I would.”

“Oh” she said solemnly “I was gonna say ‘you wanna help me get my clothes.’ Sorry um…”

I guess I couldn’t hide the disappointment on my face. She saw it and burst out laughing. “Gotcha. I was
just messing with you. Come on let’s go take a shower.”

“Fuck Khristi I tell you I like you ‘cause you’re smart and you use it against me.”

“I’ll make it up to you. But I gotta wash off.” She leaned in and whispered in my ear “I think I have one more blowjob in me today.”

We drove to my house, we showered and she did have one more blowjob in her. She decided not to leave the tub and took a bath to soak her neck while I made us dinner. We again made out on the couch and again went to bed together, and again we fucked like a boyfriend and girlfriend. This time there was no audition.

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